Published On: February 5th, 2023

Each and every person has favorite hobbies, restaurants, activities, and ways to spend free time. Often, this also transcends to Date Nights. It is easy to fall into the sometimes-standard moment of indecisiveness when choosing what to do on a date night. Both people want to have fun, enjoy time together, and make a memory. Nonetheless, it is easy to settle on something that is comfortable and a favorite date night activity.

Well, here are twenty date night ideas which are sure to add unexpected memories, laughter, romance, and special time together. Whatever you do, remember to put down your phones, take a break from talking about work and life happenings, and give your undivided attention to one another. You will be glad you did!

  1. Random Drive: One person is blindfolded; the other person drives the car for thirty minutes following only the directions of the blindfolded person. See the surprise of where you end up!
  2. Go Food Truck Hunting
  3. Recreate your First Date
  4. Spend the day performing a spontaneous Random Act of Kindness together
  5. Play Flashlight Tag
  6. Browse a Book store & buy each other something to enjoy
  7. Make a Couples Bucket List
  8. Create a Time Capsule filled with mementos, photos, and stories from your relationship
  9. Wine or Beer Tasting
  10. Go out to eat and order each other’s meal… Keep it a secret until the food arrives
  11. Throw a Frisbee at the Park
  12. Go for a drive, making only left turns until you end up at an interesting somewhere
  13. Buy each other outfits, then wear them out to a dinner date
  14. Watch the Sunrise, then go out to Breakfast
  15. Cook a New Recipe together
  16. Shop for a New Board Game & play sitting on a Blanket
  17. Enjoy an Old Video Game Night
  18. Purchase small personal items & mini items to make Care Packages and deliver to the Homeless, Sick, or Elderly
  19. Go on a Progressive Dinner enjoying selections at more than three of your favorite restaurants
  20. Build a Pillow Fort, make microwave s’mores, and binge watch a TV series

Regardless of what you do, do it with focus and intention… intention to spend quality time together enjoying each other’s company. Happy Dating!

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